Monday, June 30, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I've found it difficult over the past year to take time for myself other than a shower, using the restroom by myself or grocery shopping without kiddos (does that count?). It seems as though my "free time" is always taken up with loads of laundry, bills to pay or something around the house needing to be cleaned or straightened. Trust, me when I say that I'm not complaining. Things are always moving around here and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's just nice to finally be able to take time to do something that I enjoy...knitting.

While I was in Arkansas waiting for Sawyer's adoption to be finalized I knitted and felted a purse with the intention of donating it to the St. Elizabeth/Coleman Elizabella Ball auction.'s been almost 2 years and I FINALLY lined it and made the handle tonight. I think it turned out pretty well considering that it's been waiting so long to be finished. I still need some practice at making my lining fit better, but I think all in all it looks pretty good. Hopefully it will get lots of bids at the auction!

I also have started knitting wool soakers for the babies to wear over their cloth diapers. Sawyer is growing out of her diaper covers and I really don't want to buy the next size when she is showing an interest in potty training (I'm not ready yet!). I figure that I can knit soakers and shorties for the summer and then some wool longies for the winter and maybe if I get more adventurous I will try to sell some!




Milissa said...

oh my gosh!!! those wool soakers are ADORABLE!!! maybe i'll unpotty train lyvia! ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! They are a blast to make. I'm going to start another one for Sawyer with a ruffles around the legs and a cute tie at the waist!