Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Save Handmade

Click on the bear to read about the future of handmade children's items in the U.S.

Maybe not...

For some reason, the thought of sleeping in this morning crossed my mind...right. Gone are the days of sleeping until noon on a day off! I guess I need to start going to be earlier if I want to catch some extra shut eye. So instead, we spent the morning cutting up a cardboard box for the dog to have a "cave" to sleep in...good luck with that one kids.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Does it really have to be winter?

I've finally gotten past fall and have forced myself to admit that it's finally winter...UGH! I've lived in Indiana for 16 years and still have the desert rat in me. There's nothing better than 60 degree weather in Phoenix for Christmas! Gotta love those desert holidays! I remember our last Christmas in Phoenix was cold (may 50 degrees) and our first Christmas in Evansville was colder than a well diggers bu$$ (as my dad would say). "It rarely snows in Evansville," he said. Yeah right...we missed almost a week of school and I learned how to sled by the river without getting hit by cars or arrested...

Today was my first day off for Christmas Break (I can call it that since I teach at a Christian school). We spent part of the day playing with friends and then came home to a clean house for naps/quiet time and then playing in the warm basement. Tonight I had a chance to update my personal and A. Ashley Designs blogs and my Etsy shop.

Tomorrow will be a relaxing day of play, laundry and coffee!