Thursday, April 10, 2008


Finn has his 3rd ear infection in 45 days. The little booger is terrible to administer antibiotics to, so in the past he has had an injection of antibiotics in case we don't get much of the oral ones in him. Today I went back for my "monthly" visit to our pediatrician and once again asked for a "buy one get one free" punch card since we seem to frequent the place at least once every 6 weeks. Thank goodness Meijer has free doesn't sting as much then.

Reality has kicked in and I'm pretty sure that his first EI started a few weeks after I introduced dairy back into my diet, so I guess that means no more cream in my coffee...bummer. When we go to the allergist at the end of the month for Maddie's check up I'm going to ask about having him tested since I also know that peanuts in my diet make him throw up. How in the world did I get these high maintenance kids?

On a positive note, I have noticed a difference in the babies' skin since we got our water softener! Makes it work the expense.

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