Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got Talent? My Cousin Does!

18 plus years ago I was changing this kid's diapers (sorry Jonny) and now he's an amazing young man and on his way to ASU next fall. He's good looking, a talented musician, highly intelligent and loves God. What more can you ask for? Check him out on YouTube as he raps to "Ice Ice Baby." Jonny is the rapper and his friends are in the background. The music is amazing isn't it? Would you believe me when I told you that he spent HOURS arranging it on his computer each instrument at a time?

The kid has talent.


carol said...

Looks like they spent hours on the moves too...awesome!
I bet Doug and Paul could put something together to match it.

Alison said...

hilarious! I know they were proud of the end product. Thanks for sharing.